Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.



Brush markers and watercolours in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

Beautiful Saturday morning - ie gorgeous light and weather not too hot. The countryside on the drive into town was breathtakingly lovely, and everything in town seemed mild and gentle: welcome to Midsomer! Dog out of immediate danger and back home, so I went to look for tasty morsels to try coax her appetite back (not very successful so far). Saw several people with walking sticks... These sketches in different greys, not black, hence faded look.



Brush markers, pencil crayons and watercolour in Windsor and Newton sketchbook. And lipstick on tissue.

Very early and very quick. Tidying the bathroom cupboard, I lined up all these soldiers. There are only two of these that I actually use (she said defensively).


Lost and found, 2

Staedtler black contour liner and watercolour in big sketchbook.

Brush markers and pencil crayon in big sketchbook.

More stuff I leave lying about the house.


How does one represent the world, in all its three dimensional plenitude, on a two dimensional surface? When Picasso split a woman’s face in several parts and showed us each segment from a different point of view, he was addressing this question.  In the art of representation, this is a core problem, one that is always implicit in those artefacts that we call pictures. Read on.


Another drawing from a couple of days ago.
Ink pen and watercolour in big sketchbook.



If a blog is a promise, what is the promise about? I said a drawing a day: does it matter if the drawing wasn't done today? If the drawing would have been happier to remain hiding quietly between other more vain pages? If some days, I really can't get it together to make or post a drawing? Not a penance, I said, and yet there's something powerful about keeping to one's word, meeting one's own challenges, or trying to! OK, so: no time and no mood to draw today - a bit of an emergency with Poss, my very old and, until yesterday, very frisky dog. So here's a drawing done two days ago, one that was meant to lurk unnoticed between the seen pages of a sketchbook.
Ink pen and brush markers and watercolour in Windsor & Newton sketchbook.

The weather really turned on Thursday and Friday, it was nice and chilly and this dog was snug in a coat.