Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


Another one

This one done today.

Marker pen in small Moleskine sketchbook.

Digger looks sad but he isn't. Possum looks happy and she is. 

Waiting room

Marker pen and a touch of brush marker in small Moleskine sketchbook.

Very quick sketch, but will that excuse the wonky perspective? No it won't. 


Cuddle (take 2)

Brush markers in Moleskine sketchbook, and pencil on the last page.

I was inspired by the mutual embrace the other day. Fátima scoops Possum up, and Possum just stays put, like a fur doll, very funny. Drew these from photos I took - you can see that, especially in the first spread. There's a quality of abstraction you get when drawing from photos that is usually absent (at least for me) when drawing from direct observation. 


Ending a sketchbook

Finished my Windsor and Newton sketchbook, where there was a remaining bloggable unblogged sketch (as opposed to the unbloggable unblogged ones, the really duff ones!). Here it is. 

Brush marker on gouache wash in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.



Brush markers and watercolour in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

Possum adores my friend Fátima (also a doggy person), who came to visit from Lisbon. It was dog on lap and ton sur ton of sunkissed hair on sunkissed fur. I messed up the scrawly sketch of Fátima's face, so got a bit of help from the camera!


Calm roses

Looks like another gritty day ahead. Drawing the beautiful bunch of roses my friend Debbie brought has a mildly appeasing and calming effect. 

Brush markers in Windsor and Newton sketchbook. 


"Breezy Angels" and Albertine

Ink pen, brush marker, Indian ink and watercolour in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

Ink pen and watercolour in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

Brush markers in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

My wonderful rambling Albertine roses from observation, the heaven sent friends from a couple of photographs I took when they came last week bringing (with the lightest touch and the best cheer) lunch, which we had under the awnings on the deck. Title courtesy Sid!