Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


Blot on the landscape

Indian ink and brush marker in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

The plums are just beginning to form, green with a slight blush. Possum under the tree looked like a blot, so I thought I'd render her in indian ink. It had dried up a bit in my aquaflo brush pen, so I made a mess of the tree, but the dog looks, um, like a blot!


Waiting, tea

Sketching makes it easier not to focus on how time slows down when one waits. 
Brush marker in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.



Brush markers and a touch of red pencil crayon in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

16 June is Bloom's Day, if anyone's forgotten. Celebrating Leopold Bloom in Ulysses. If I'd have remembered on time, I'd have made a Dubliny, Joyce-y drawing today. Mind you, it's also the anniversary of the Soweto riots, which I remember well because I was still living in Johannesburg in 1976. But no... I choose to draw Possum resting on a huge bean bag. And other dogs and people seen in town while out shopping this morning. 



Driving towards the storm

Brush markers in Moleskine sketchbook

About to turn

Brush markers in small Moleskine sketchbook.

There is a tangle of leaves at the water's edge, bottom of the garden. We call this a stream, though ditch might describe it better. 



Brush markers in Moleskine sketchbook

The flowering seasons are so short! The beautiful, pink blossomed weigela is about to turn, so tried to capture the sense of its abundance on our deck before it disappears.

Rather pageantry than soccer

Ink pen, pencil and pencil crayon in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

Scribbling while watching tv last night. Yup. It's true. No soccer. We started as we mean to continue!