Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


Feline for a change

Pencil and pencil crayon in Moleskine sketchbook.
The cat on the right side page was drawn separately from the one on the left page, that's about to nestle in the cushions. That's why the cushion looks wrong in relation to the cat on the right, ie it's a separate drawing. But I like straddling the ditch of the open sketcbook, so I let the cushion overlap anyhow, whereas in the next drawing I've kept the two drawings separate.

Pencil and pencil crayon in Moleskine sketchbook
I don't often draw cats as I don't have many models to hand, as opposed to dogs that have always been in my world. 
One of the problems with posting drawings from a rather quiet life in the countryside - especially at this time of year when everything is burgeoning and beautiful - is that it makes one's life look a bit twee, very cosy and content, perhaps a bit smug. So in case anyone is imagining me in Laura Ashley prints eating muesli... ha! perish the thought. My uniform is all black, and I'm as ill-humoured and irate as the next person (actually, probably more so! :)

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