Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


New sketchbook, more cows

Ink pen and watercolour in Windsor and Newton sketchbook

I'll fess up, I drew these cows (and others that I really didn't like - my hand's a bit "out" today!) from some photographs I took while out on a walk a few days ago. Too much going on with herd and scared dog to stop and draw - except outside the fence, which I sometimes do! I think I've made the cow on the left look like a pig! 

The sketchbook has quite a grey-blue cast which is a bit strange, and the paper has a different absorbency from the previous Windsor and Newton sketchbook - not quite sure if I like it. (Oh - I'm also experimenting with the size of uploads onto this blog, so this drawing is a bit smaller than earlier ones.)
Here's another, in pencil crayon, from a spot of gardening early this morning, about which I know as close to nothing as is possible, but learning with a bit of common sense and a few tips from others. And now back to the studio!

Pencil and pencil crayon in Windsor and Newton sketchbook

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