Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.



Brush markers and pencil in Windsor and Newton sketchbook.

rearranged for a photo ... and then 

Brush markers in small Moleskine sketchbook.

I was always a city person, and I could never keep a pot plant alive, hated the darn things. But I'm a changed, and fully adapted humanoid. Now not only do I love living in the countryside, I also can't stop going into – and drawing – the garden. It's village fêtes next, I tremble to think. This morning it rained hard and I drew the cut flowers in the vases around the house... but the drawings look too coy. When the weather cleared up for a while, I went out, everything glistening with drops, the heady smell of wet soil. The small Moleskine sketchbook is fantastic because so light to hold, and I just love the way the brush markers glide over the beautiful vellumy pages. 


Eduardo Salavisa said...

Cada vez mais bonitas. Mas esse tipo de Moleskine, com aguarela, não serve.

Ruth Rosengarten said...

Não - não serve com aguarela de todo.... estou a utilisar estes marcadores pinceis que nunca tinha utilisado e que estou a adorar com o Moleskine...