Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.



The surface of our drive has been bending and buckling for some unknown reason, and after very annoying procrastination, the man who did the ground works for our house arrived with his digger and his fantastic young labrador companion, who, of course, answers to the name of Digger. We met him last time there was a problem with our drains and drive. Digger went absolutely crazy in the garden. As ever, you have to work really quickly to capture a being in full motion, so my rendition of canine anatomy is not quite perfect (and that's an excuse - I couldn't get it perfectly correct anyhow!)

Brush markers and ink pen in Windsor and Newton sketchbook, and in the last drawing, ink wash as well.


Erica said...

Bons sketches! Não é nada fácil desenhar animais, muito menos quando andam aos pulos feitos doidos...

Ruth Rosengarten said...

obrigada Erica... de certa forma, os seres em movimento até facilitam mais, porque temos o pretexto de não acertar na anatomia... os cães são hilariantes quando feitos doidos!