Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


Looking down, new place

I arrived in Israel today, where "autumn" = 30ºC! Started drawing, but no scanner, so sketchbook posts will have to come when I return home. Meanwhile, in a dense urban space, I found no dead animals underfoot, but other signs of passage. 


Ea Ejersbo said...

These are lovely! I'm very much enjoying your recent posts of sketches and photos. What's with the "thirsty walls" though? - I've never seen that anywhere else before :)
Hope you're enjoying your trip/visit and feeling okay.
- Ea

Ruth Rosengarten said...
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Ruth Rosengarten said...

Hi Ea - thank you! I was puzzled the first time I saw that bottle attached to the wall, thought it was just an individual quirk, but then started noticing it all over the place... it's the air conditioning dripping on the outside of buildings, and people not wanting to waste water! I hope they don't use it for drinking - but this is the psychology of living in what is essentially a desert - and it's a very dry, hot year. November is meant to be edging towards winter, but it was still 30ºC yesterday!

Glad to see new posts of yours too...

Ruth Rosengarten said...

Deletion because I mistakenly posted this comment twice - nothing censored!