Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


Cultural relativism: courtesy

This woman's blindness was achieved courtesy of her husband and a knobkierrie. For those ignorant of this tool, it is a club 'used mainly in Southern and Eastern Africa', dixit Wikipedia. Typically they have a large knob at one end 'and can be used for throwing at animals in hunting or for clubbing an enemy's head.' For anyone concerned about the objectification of people before the camera lens, she was a willing and paid accomplice to this photograph, which was embedded in a long conversation in the gardens outside of Cape Town's National Gallery. 


Monica said...

A Sandra, a Monica e eu estivemos a ver esta foto. Caramba. What-s the thing with "paid", did you pay her?
Hope you're having a great time, the photos are fantastic.
Love J, M e S

Ruth Rosengarten said...

I asked her if I could photograph her after we chatted, and yes, I did give her money "for a night's lodging" (or alcohol) - didn't have any cigarettes, which is what she asked me for. The contrasts in this country are still upsettingly glaring. More in email some time - in Jo'burg now, and much mama time.