Drawing and photography are central to my practice. Both make pressing - if sometimes fictitious - claims to the capture of lost moments.


Passing by, stopping, walking on: Urban Sketching in Context

Just back from the wonderful Urban Sketchers symposium in Lisbon; I didn't draw as much as I'd hoped (too staggered by the many fantastic drawings I saw and interested in the various interventions and teaching methodologies... as well as taken up by the strangeness of visiting Lisbon as a tourist, rather than a resident!). Here is a copy of the paper I presented: I think it was a bit too dense for the occasion, so for those of you who asked me if they could read it, here goes:  

In March 2010, shortly after starting to post sketchbook pages online, I glued four small scribbles I’d made of my dog Possum into a Moleskine sketchbook. The drawings of Possum were made on scraps of paper on the day of the post, and the page on which they were stuck contained a list of starter shrubs from two years earlier. In response to these, avid sketcher Manuel San Payo quipped: ‘hey - collage??? That’s odd...!’  read more here


Monica Cid said...

Thank you so much Ruth for giving us access to your paper! As I told you before I liked very much and felt like I wanted to hear it again :)

All the best***

José Louro said...

Obrigado Ruth.

Karina Kuschnir said...

Thank you, Ruth, for the wonderful paper and for letting us have it.

Ruth Rosengarten said...

Thanks for lovely feedback!